There is a popular Sanskrit phrase found in Hindu texts such as Maha Upanishad–”Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” which roughly translates as “the world is one family” in English. With the globalization spree all around the globe, this phrase comes to life in all senses.

The globalization movement begins to blur geographical boundaries around the world, allowing for cross-border trade in goods and services, technology, and investment, people, and information. With global trade comes global customers, and with global customers comes global customer service.

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However, you cannot rely on a landline to provide customer support to your international clients because it is an impractical and expensive approach. This gives rise to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) – a technology that allows anyone to make phone calls using an internet connection.

VoIP provides a number of advantages to businesses, including lower communication costs, easy scalability, excellent voice quality, and high-level portability, among others. Also, VOIP provides many functionalities and features so that you can make the most profit out of your business. This blog explains why you need to get a US virtual phone number to expand your global business. But what is a Virtual Phone Number?

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

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A virtual phone number is a phone number that is not connected to a specific location. In most cases, these numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to one of the client’s pre-determined phone numbers: fixed, mobile, or VoIP.

Now let’s discuss the 7 reasons why US virtual phone numbers can be your ideal business solution without further ado.

7 Reasons Why A US Virtual Phone Number Is All You Need For Your Business Growth

The following are the seven primary reasons that explain the significance of a US virtual number and for your business. Reduced operating costs, easy scalability, and increased productivity are a few of them. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

1. On-demand Scalability

Easy scalability is critical to the success of any business. Your business model must be simple to scale as needed. Compared to traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange), VoIP provides a scalable structure that can benefit business growth.

A US phone number will allow you to scale your infrastructure as needed, enabling you to provide timely and effective customer support. The scalability provided by a US virtual phone number also aids in the avoidance of unnecessary expenses. You do not need to set up full-fledged infrastructure from the start; rather, you can scale it as the business grows.

2. High-level Portability

Another reason to get a US virtual phone number is portability. VoIP enables you to provide your valued customers with 24/7 customer service or whenever they require the product or service-related assistance. Unfortunately, in the case of physical offices, it is impossible to be available 24/7. This could also be a problem if you frequently travel for business or other reasons.

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However, with the help of a US virtual phone number or VoIP, you can overcome these location constraints. VoIP allows you to provide service from anywhere, at any time regardless of your location–even from your office or even while being on vacation. Because, in the case of VoIP, all you need is a good internet connection.

3. Unified Communication

Gone are the days when customers could only reach you via landline phones. Instead, customers nowadays use various mediums and channels to connect with you, such as social media, phone calls, emails, and so on. Furthermore, because of remote working, data is scattered across multiple systems. Unified Communication also boosts productivity and reduces overall downtime.

Using a VoIP and a US virtual phone number, you can collect and access all of the scattered communications data that is generated on multiple customer communication channels such as email, social media, voice mail, fax, video conferencing, and so on. This will result in a better understanding of issues as well as better analytics.

4. Excellent Call Quality

Due to signal disturbances, VoIP call quality is quite poor in the case of PBX. This could be a major issue because you may miss an important concern expressed by the customer, or the customer may miss some tips or guidance provided by you. Both of these possibilities can be successfully eliminated by using a US virtual phone number.

Since virtual phone number calls over the internet, you can get the best VoIP call quality in the US with no data loss or noise disturbance. This will allow you to fully comprehend your customers’ concerns and provide the best solution. However, ensure that you have a good internet connection because a poor connection will degrade call quality.

5. Improved Productivity & Profit

Since a US virtual phone number allows you to call from anywhere, provides portability and easy scalability, and offers unified communication– all of these factors help improve customer support productivity and performance. In addition, through a unified communication channel, you can thoroughly understand your customers’ concerns, and, thanks to portability, you can provide them with timely solutions.

Having a US virtual phone number also increases profitability by increasing your overall leads. Moreover, you can scale the infrastructure as your business grows to ensure that your customers always receive on-time resolutions without unnecessary delay. All of these factors, when combined, increase productivity substantially.

6. Auto-attendant Feature

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Another remarkable feature that you earn when you choose a US virtual phone number is auto-attendant. An auto attendant is a menu system that uses voice prompts to help callers navigate the appropriate department. This VoIP feature eliminates the need for a human receptionist or answering service entirely.

Auto-attendants will benefit your business in several ways, including creating custom greetings for each customer, providing a better customer experience, establishing customer trust, and providing smart routing. This is why, to improve your customer experience, you must choose a US virtual phone number.

7. Cost-Effective Approach

Compared to other customer support options such as PBX (Private Branch Exchange), get a US virtual phone number as it is a cost-effective option. The following are some of the main factors that contribute to VoIP’s low cost:

  • VoIP lowers international call rates significantly.
  • You won’t require any physical space for your office.
  • There’s no need to keep data and phone networks separate.
  • Teleconferencing allows team members to participate in meetings without having to travel to the office.
  • In comparison to traditional telephones, VoIP headsets are less expensive.
  • Since it’s a scalable model, you won’t have to spend money on infrastructure at the start.
  • Being a SaaS service model, there are no fixed charges. You only have to pay based on your usage.

These are the 7 reasons why a US virtual phone number or VoIP could be the best business solution for you. We hope that this information has given you a better understanding of the value of virtual phone numbers in business.

Summing Up:

Since the business market has become global, you now have the opportunity to make the most of it and target customers from all over the world. However, this also means that you should strengthen and focus more on your customer service. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to use a US virtual phone number, which comes with a slew of advantages, stated above.

Updated : August 9, 2021


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